Real Estate

Your largest purchase deserves peace of mind

We have extensive experience with:

  • Residential Home Sales & Purchases
  • Commercial Property Sales & Purchases
  • Agriculture Sales & Purchases
  • Mortgage Financing
  • Subdivision & Planning
  • Leases & Leasing
  • Recreation Property Arrangements
  • Agency, Trust & Co-Ownership

Buying or selling a home, business, or land can often be the largest transaction in your life. Property transactions are multifaceted and nuanced, which is why it’s even more important that your legal team is deeply involved and knows your unique case inside and out.

Whether you’re looking to finance your first home or purchase a multi-tenant commercial property, sell the farm or launch your business, our team will work closely with you to ensure that your needs are met in a timely and professional manner.

The real estate market can be volatile or stagnant, and it benefits from a close eye and decisions made with decades of history and context in mind. We know this arena well and offer a plethora of services that go beyond the purchase and sale of homes or commercial buildings to assist with development, subdivisions, land use, caveats, farm ownership regulations and complex financing arrangements.

Today’s changing market calls for expertise and an understanding of history with an innovative approach for the future. The real estate team at Lakefield can provide this expertise.

Lawyers with expertise in commercial & residential real estate

We’ve got keen attention to detail and customized services for real estate matters of all sizes and scope.