G20 Condemn WMCZ’s Poor Video Production Techniques

ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA – In a rare show of unanimity, the strained G20 alliance came together today to declare WMCZ Lawyers’ video and poster for Saskatoon’s Corporate Challenge to be grave threats to world harmony.

“We condemn in the harshest terms possible the existence of these inflammatory materials,” said summit chair Vladimir Putin. “The fact that something with production values lower than a local cable weathercast can gain so many views and likes emphasizes that worldwide control of the Internet is a necessity.”

Putin singled out his harshest criticism for the theme of the video and poster, saying “To deface the reputation of Clue: The Movie, one of the finest pieces of film to come out of America in the last 50 years, is inexcusable.” He also suggested that this could encourage young people to try their own hands at green-screen videos, with “dire results”.

The Russian President would not say if there would be consequences against Canadian athletes at the Sochi Olympics for the materials. He brushed away as “premature” suggestions that the Olympic hockey team would be questioned about their involvement, even though Russian officials were saying off the record that such measures were a possibility.

WMCZ declined to comment on the controversy other than saying “the work speaks for itself and we hope this controversy does not detract from the important message of the video: not everything on the Internet needs to involve kittens.” The Saskatoon Corporate Challenge also refused to be drawn into the fray, referring questions to their website at www.saskatooncorporatechallenge.com.

The Corporate Challenge begins its second year of competition this week and proceeds go to support Ronald McDonald House.