New Students For The Not Too Distant Future

Along with most other law firms in Saskatchewan, WMCZ conducts interviews and makes offers to potential articling students in the last week of May after the students’ 2nd year of law school. It’s a pressure-packed process and especially stressful for students seeking the articles they need to join the Law Society of Saskatchewan.

This year we received more applications than ever before and given the limited time for interviews it’s hard to pare down a list of high achieving candidates. But after going through the process we’re delighted to announce that Aziz Aboudheir and Mike Ochs will be joining us next spring for the 2015/16 articling year. Mike is from Melville and Aziz spent most of his childhood years in Regina so they’re well acquainted with Saskatchewan. But both have plenty of life experience and, more importantly, the drive and leadership that we think will make them excellent lawyers. There will be more news on Mike and Aziz in the coming months but in the meantime, welcome aboard guys.