Saskatoon Corporate Challenge Mourns WMCZ’s Participation In 2013

Last year WMCZ dominated the Saskatoon Corporate Challenge. At least if you consider domination to extend only to Lawn Bowling and the Talent Show. Which we choose to do, naturally.

2012’s Talent Show sketch (described by one judge as “Doctor Seuss on acid”) set the bar so high that the Challenge has dropped that event this year. No matter – we intend to extend our domination in 2013 to everything from canoe races to darts. We’ll compete to our last breath using skill and, if required, an inordinate reliance on taking advantage of the ambiguity of every contest rule.

While the head-to-head events don’t start until September 9, the Spirit Competition is already in full swing with our modest introductory video. Yes, we realize that it will be two and a half minutes of your life that you’ll never be able to get back. And we realize it reduces the time you have to watch cat videos. But if you are able to stand watching it, give it a Like as a little reward to yourself. You’ll feel good about, umm, “helping”. Most of all you’ll be glad you can leave the page.

To try to unsee what you have just experienced, you can then visit our Official Picture Page. Again, if you press Like reasonably quickly and leave the page you will probably not suffer any lasting effects. If you are feeling particularly brave you can Share the link and revel in the smug satisfaction that you have caused others to feel the same discomfort you did. But that’s up to you.

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