The Platinum Anniversary

On September 1, 1996, the Baltimore Ravens played their first NFL game, beating Oakland 17-14. Fewer people (a lot fewer) remember that on the same day, 5 lawyers and 3 administrative staff started work at a brand-new law office in Saskatoon, Wallace Meschishnick Clackson Zawada. We have now shed almost 30 letters from our name; pretty impressive for just 20 years. Unfortunately, we have not yet won a Super Bowl.

We are not big on anniversaries. But thanks to all our clients who have entrusted their important work to us over the years. Absolutely nothing would have been accomplished without you all.

Even though there are many older firms, twenty years is a long time – we have hired people who were not born when WMCZ started. But in most ways we still consider ourselves young, and cannot wait to see what the future brings. September 1, 2016 is just another day but we hope we do not lose the focus that got us here.

Thanks everyone.