Tradition and Renewal

Each province handles the admission of new lawyers slightly differently, but one aspect in Saskatchewan that is notable is the “Signing of the Rolls”. It is one of the points where new lawyers meet tradition in a unique, but sometimes disconcerting, way.

elyse-signing-rotatedThe “Rolls” is a big, old book of signatures. Not just any signatures, but the signatures of everyone who has joined the Law Society of Saskatchewan since its inception in 1907. The book that contains “Diefenbaker”, “Hnatyshyn(s)” and other notable names now contains two more: “Nelubowich, Elyse” and “Bitz, Andrew

Andrew and Elyse completed their articles at WMCZ with not so much as a hiccup and are now Barristers and Solicitors in Saskatchewan. They also navigated the disconcerting part of the ceremony, which is signing the Rolls with an old style fountain pen and ink. The giant ink blotches in the book are proof that not everyone manages to do this successfully, but word is that Andrew and Elyse handled things perfectly.

Will new lawyers in decades to come look back at “Bitz” and/or “Nelubowich” with the same reverence of others that came before? Perhaps, but for now, we’re simply delighted that they have completed another milestone in their career. Congratulations!img_4870