WMCZ’s 2014 Corporate Challenge Video Lyrics

You are here for one of two reasons. The first is that Google somehow ferreted this page out and you were unlucky enough to click the link and land here without any idea of the danger you are in. If that’s the case, stop now – you can’t unsee what awaits.

If you actually typed this address in after seeing WMCZ’s video for the 2014 Saskatoon Corporate Challenge then we don’t know what to say. We’re sorry for the 3 minutes of your life you lost watching the video. We’re sorry to subject you to some of the most atrocious chroma-key effects this side of a small market weathercast. It’s for a good cause, of course, but the collateral damage is immense.

Since you’re in this far you are presumably aware of the risks. If you are interested in the lyrics that went along with the video, here they are. We’re not sure what some of them mean either.

And if you’re wondering why they’re in jail, here’s the back story:


Dodgeball dodgin’, lyrical massagin’

Skillz so dope – we roped Vince Vaughn in

Pass, throw, catch, with the Morpheus Remix

Balls like bullets, we be dodgin’ like Matrix



We were born in the alley from the gutter do we rally

Lunging for points with my homie, Bill Murray

Motion to strike, we’re familiar with the frame

Hear our pins drop…. HATE THE GAME!



Our trivial knowledge is divine

What’s pi? 3.14159

As we burn through the Qs, you’ll just ogle

And think “dang, their brains are better than Google!”



To the lake we make our wake in canoe

With oars do we board with speed like Shamu

Sharp like Deep Blue with claws like a lobster

We be pinchin’ competition like an Erindale mobster



It’s the Corporate…. CHALLENGE!

Corporate….. CHALLENGE!

Six days. Hard plays. Fundraise. Big praise

Rep preppin’, straight thuggin’ all year just the crush

(sung:) The Corporate Challenge, ah ahhhh

Corporate… CHALLENGE!

Corporate… CHALLENGE!

Vote up, not down. Share around. Toon town.

Yo, you gotta let us out; we ain’t sick in the head

Or we’re gonna break out WMCZ!



Lookin all sick in our jerseys, as we step on the scene

Raisin’ so many “Bordens”, people think it obscene

Dropped clothes to the “CL”, and the picture looks tight

Man, my blood was so fly, begged me to donate twice



Hear the O-course event is all shrouded in secrecy

Run, jump, pedal problem solve? (Man, that’s easy)

Y’all be running around all mad and frantic

Main thing this year: someone’s gotta beat Stantec


Repeat HOOK