WMCZ’s Import Beverage Night Is Back

Several years ago WMCZ noticed that the world’s celebrities had a worrying gap in their social calendars between the Grammy’s and the Academy Awards. We were surprised this had been allowed to continue but we were more astounded that the mainstream media ignored the societal issues this caused for our most important citizens. We couldn’t stand by so idly. So we created the WMCZ Import Beverage & Celebrities Who Need Lawyers Night.

In addition to celebrities, we also invite first and second year students from the University of Saskatchewan’s College of Law so they can discover more about WMCZ. More importantly, they can learn at the feet of celebrities who dispense wisdom with every utterance. This year’s Mixer will be February 27 at 4:30 at our offices (901, 119 – 4th Avenue South). We have again invited literally some celebrities, and of course we always welcome law students. Dress is casual, flattery is always appreciated and even if all the celebrities can’t make it we hope it will be a not unenjoyable time for law students. See you then.

UPDATE 26/2/13 – The Mixer has been postponed. Click here for for more information.