How Hard Can This Viral Thing Be?

WMCZ is moving later this year. You might already know that since we talk about it elsewhere on this site. But hard as it is to believe, there are people who are just too busy to waste their time browsing a law firm’s website. And since we’re going to be moving in the dead of November we’d hate for those busy people to end up freezing beside a door on 4th Avenue that no longer opens to WMCZ.

We’re a compassionate group – we need to help those people. Unfortunately, we are also terribly unimaginative. Although it’s everyone’s goal to “go viral” and “get buzz” and do other things that seem like good ideas even though we don’t know what they mean, getting millions of views could take a few days. So given our lack of imagination we thought we would just hijack some of the internet’s most popular memes to get our message out.

Our first try wasn’t memorable:

Not what we were looking for. So we tried again:

Maybe better but there was still massive room for improvement: