Business Law

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We have extensive experience with:

  • Business Formation and Maintenance
  • Corporate Governance
  • Commercial Financing
  • Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs & Owner-Operated Enterprises
  • Purchase & Sales of Businesses
  • Major Agreements & Transactions
  • Business Succession Planning

As your business evolves and progresses, so should your business planning and forecasting.

Our Lakefield team has strength in traditional industries and sectors, as well as new and emerging areas such as intellectual property, ag-biotech, licensing, and many others. We will carefully consider your circumstances and build a comprehensive plan and solution that fits your needs.

We have experience in all things businesses require, throughout their entire life cycle. We assist with the structuring and set-up of all forms of businesses, as well as company planning, negotiation of major agreements, commercial financing, mergers, acquisitions, tax law, business succession planning and everything in between.

Lakefield represents businesses in all stages and sizes, from start-ups to owner-operated enterprises to large national organizations, and provides representation across a variety of industries, such as agribusiness, manufacturing, natural resources, professionals such as doctors, dentists and pharmacists, hotels and hospitality, among others.

It’s our job to stay up to date on new laws, regulations, and industries, and we are always expanding our sphere of influence. If you have a business law need, our team can help.

Lawyers with expertise in Business Law

From business planning to mergers, we help businesses of all sizes with their business law needs.