Is It OK To Announce A New Owner In The Form Of A Question?

Announcements of new partners or owners at law firms are mostly the same – sometimes pretentious, always formal and invariably dull. We’ve been guilty of the same thing in the past and if we weren’t so unimaginative it would be distressing.

Kelly Bode became a co-owner of WMCZ Lawyers on January 1, 2014But we were given an opportunity to shake our lethargy when Kelly Bode became our newest co-owner on January 1. And since it’s 2014, which is technically the future in nearly every science fiction novel written, it makes sense to try and upgrade the announcement for modern times.

But what do do? Posting a selfie already seems sort of old-fashioned. Putting an announcement on Facebook would appeal to the parents and grandparents but doesn’t do much for Instagram or Snapchat fans. And to follow that point, we do want as many people as possible to know how proud we are to have Kelly join our group. She is, after all, the first owner that has spent her entire career at WMCZ. The poor woman deserves something special for enduring that.

So how about the tried and true method of creating a link-bait headline that will drive traffic to our website? Unfortunately we couldn’t agree on one so we’ll have to leave it to our readers to cut and paste a favourite:

  • 5 Reasons Why Kelly Bode Should Have Never Become An Owner of WMCZ (And One Reason She Should)
  • This Is The Most Shocking Picture Of A New Law Firm Owner You Will See All Day
  • You Won’t Believe What Kelly Bode’s Nickname At WMCZ Was Before She Became An Owner
  • Does Kelly Bode Believe The Moon Landing Was A Hoax?
  • Use This One Simple Trick To Meet Kelly Bode
  • Watch This Kitten’s Reaction When She Learns Kelly Bode Accepted An Ownership Offer At WMCZ

Congratulations and welcome, Kelly!